2024 Rising Star: Sarah Hellman

Sarah Hellman

Sarah Hellman was recently promoted to lead the Business Intelligence department as senior trading team manager, client success group and has proven herself as an exceptional employee to Mortgage Capital Trading’s (MCT) success. With a commitment to excellence, Hellman consistently delivers tasks to the highest standards, meticulously reviewing and revising outdated data, unlocking its full potential for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Hellman, a trailblazer among the first female recruits at MCT within the traditionally male-dominated finance sector, embarked on her journey as a junior trader, swiftly establishing herself through exceptional performance. Guided by her capabilities, she ascended to the role of senior deployment analyst, a title that scarcely hints at her true influence. Leading a team of seven traders, she leveraged her expertise to guide clients in portfolio optimization before assuming her current position as business intelligence lead earlier this year. In this capacity, she spearheads efforts to leverage trader-collected data, providing clients with invaluable market insights. Demonstrating a proactive approach, she will be enhancing the Business Intelligence Tool through revisions and meticulous data collection, ensuring clients can access accurate and timely information.

Hellman epitomizes the vital role of client satisfaction and retention, diligently fostering client happiness and longevity behind the scenes. Driven by her relentless determination, she actively expands her expertise through rigorous Mortgage Banker Association Education courses, and had taken steps to improve her skillsets by learning the language of coding through Python and Tableau to continuously upgrade the Business Intelligence Tool. With a passion for finance and a keen interest in stock and options markets, she leverages her industry acumen to propel her clients towards success. Through her efforts, businesses gain access to the crucial data provided by business intelligence, empowering them to achieve profitability.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Never stop learning and growing as a person. I think it is such great advice as it keeps my mind fresh and staves off boredom. People tend to fear change and progress, but I try to embrace it and learn along with the changes that come along in life. Not only is this useful in day-to-day life but it has been paramount in my career with MCT. As a company, we pride ourselves in continuous improvement and technological advances. It has been and I’m sure will continue to be a wonderful environment for me to continue growing and learning new skills and knowledge.


Sarah Hellman




Senior Trading Team Manager, Client Success Group

Company Name:

Mortgage Capital Trading

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