2024 Rising Star: Ryan Kaufman

Ryan Kaufman

Ryan Kaufman has been instrumental in driving transformative change at Informative Research, leading the adoption of new technology and onboarding several large customers by developing proprietary integrations and solutions. Kaufman implemented innovative programs resulting in significant cost savings, such as preventing unnecessary credit report orders and automating credit information transfer, for two of the top lenders in the country. Additionally, his leadership extends to mentoring teams, guiding them in best practices and ensuring organizational alignment with industry standards. Kaufman’s holistic approach to improvement, from technological advancements to mentoring initiatives, underscores his commitment to excellence and positions him as a standout nominee.

As a key player behind the adoption of new technology, he has played a pivotal role in guiding the organization through significant advancements. Kaufman’s expertise in integrating Informative Research’s services with external lender development teams has resulted in tangible benefits, including operational improvements. Kaufman led the implementation of a groundbreaking solution that prevented unnecessary credit report orders for ineligible mortgage applicants for a $14 billion independent mortgage lender (based on 2022 data). By conducting upfront credit checks based on the lender’s approval standards, Kaufman successfully reduced costs and streamlined processes, resulting in over $100,000 in savings within the first 30 days of implementation. This initiative exemplifies Kaufman’s ability to leverage technology and develop tailored solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Similarly, at a top 10 lender, Kaufman played a key role in integrating informative research credit services into their proprietary solution. By automating the transfer of credit information to their loan origination software, Kaufman ensured seamless workflow synchronization and eliminated the need for manual intervention. His focus on automation and workflow enhancement has significantly contributed to the company’s success in serving large, complex clients.

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Ryan Kaufman




IT Manager, Integrations

Company Name:

Informative Research

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