2024 Rising Star: Nicolas Gaudino

Nicolas Gaudino

Throughout his tenure at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), Nic Gaudino has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to place both UWM’s team members and broker clients in the best position possible to succeed. Starting as an account executive in 2013, Gaudino moved up the ranks to his current position as vice president of sales due to his strategic mindset, leadership prowess and drive for excellence. Gaudino personifies continuous improvement, a core pillar of UWM, by constantly seeking new ways to improve processes and looking ahead to strategically ensure success in all market conditions.

Gaudino is a pivotal force at UWM, routinely exhibiting his commitment to furthering the wholesale channel. He is a key figure in UWM’s project development and broker initiatives, providing critical insight into the needs and goals of independent mortgage brokers, enabling UWM to create state-of-the-art technology and products that give our broker clients an edge in a highly competitive industry. A primary example is Gaudino’s involvement in the creation of Control Your Price, an exclusive program that gives loan originators access to as much as 340 basis points pricing incentive per quarter on any loans they lock with UWM, up to 40 basis points per loan. This incentive provides brokers with more control and flexibility to modify pricing, while also ensuring borrowers experience a faster, easier and cheaper mortgage process.

During his more than 10 year tenure, Gaudino consistently found ways to optimize the loan process, meticulously examining every detail of the current process to improve inefficiencies and elevate the client experience. Gaudino’s strategic thinking has generated in-depth sales plays to guide UWM’s AEs toward achieving their targets and driving company growth. 

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

I would tell myself to find your “why” and use it as fuel to accomplish your goals. When life presents obstacles, it can be easy to quit or give up. Having a “why” means there’s something bigger than yourself that inspires you to push through adversity, not only enabling yourself to achieve lofty goals but also forcing yourself to grow and become a better person.


Nicolas Gaudino




Vice President, UWM Sales

Company Name:

United Wholesale Mortgage

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