2024 Rising Star: Nick Boniakowski

Nick Boniakowski

Nick Boniakowski, head of agent partnerships, has been instrumental in driving Opendoor’s innovation and growth over the past year. Boniakowski oversees Opendoor’s collaborations with agents and the company’s partnerships with online real estate platforms, expanding Opendoor’s reach to thousands of new customers, partners and industry stakeholders across 50 markets. His initiatives directly correlate to Opendoor’s continued success, and he’s helped unlock more than $750 million in commissions for agents over the years.

A key aspect of Boniakowski’s role is to oversee Opendoor’s agent program strategy and help the agent community serve more customers by adopting the many ways to work with Opendoor. In April 2023, Boniakowski facilitated the expansion of Agent Access, Opendoor’s loyalty program that helps agents scale their earnings through closed transactions with Opendoor. Nick helped ideate the enhancements to Agent Access, including the inclusion of new loyalty point offerings for agents who represent buyers purchasing Opendoor-owned homes, in addition to seller representation. Since its inception, Opendoor has paid more than $750 million to agents in commissions, and from 2019-2023, the number of agents representing multiple sellers in Opendoor transactions increased 9x. 

As a leader, Boniakowski is a direct reflection of Opendoor’s company values, including start and end with the customer. He’s the glue connecting Opendoor customers and partners with innovative, tech-forward ways of selling their home and supporting clients, respectively. He advocates for new agent and online real estate partnerships and programs that continue to put more options in the hands of customers, and is a key leader in driving each of those initiatives forward. 

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

I’ve worked at the intersection of real estate and technology for most of my professional life. Early in my career, I expected to see technology usher in change almost overnight. I would become frustrated when the status quo prevailed, or when adoption of better technology was slow or underappreciated. Over the few years I have learned that significant changes don’t happen overnight. Fundamental change, especially as it relates to something as important, and a lot of times emotional, as real estate, takes time. I’ve learned that listening to consumers is my north star and meeting them where they are, with an eye toward the better future I know is possible. Embrace the process: learn from setbacks, listen, improve. Change will occur when it’s truly better.


Nick Boniakowski




Head of Agent Partnerships

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