2024 Rising Star: Monica Raciti

Monica Raciti

Behind every mortgage tech success story, there’s a “VP of Get Things Done.” Monica Raciti is all that and more for Vesta, and her tireless efforts have helped propel up-and-coming LOS provider Vesta into the thick of the mortgage industry’s continuing digital transformation. Her unique blend of financial, analytical, marketing, relationship-building and operational skills have made her an invaluable driving force at Vesta, and the industry will undoubtedly be seeing mention of her contributions again repeatedly in the future.

Raciti has been one of the core drivers in the early days of Vesta, building a robust partner network from scratch as one of the team’s first members. Throughout her tenure, she has worn numerous hats and worked tirelessly to first bring the innovative LOS into existence and then take it to market. From participating as a core principle in forging the brand vision and mission to designing and executing marketing strategy to hiring and managing key personnel, Raciti has effectively filled several traditional executive roles in constructing and implementing market strategy, operations, partnership building, staffing and development.

The Vesta team strives for constant, continuous improvement and innovation. Its “future-proof” LOS technology empowers mortgage lenders with flexibility and scalability at a time when the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions means everything. Raciti has led by example, staying grounded while bringing a positive attitude to each task. Her versatility and willingness not only to manage and lead others, but to jump into the frontline fray at a moment’s notice to pitch in as needed, all the while finding levity in challenging situations and bringing a little fun to the process.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

A professor of mine at the Beijing Center once told me to “be comfortable being uncomfortable.” I’ve since worked at multiple startups, on multiple continents and in multiple industries during my career, so change has been a constant for me. Many fail to embrace change and fear it, which leads to stagnation. I believe that improvement and innovation are the offspring of change. In my field, change is the root of success, not an obstacle.


Monica Raciti




Head of Operations and Partnerships

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