2024 Rising Star: Mansoor Bahramand

Mansoor Bahramand

Mansoor Bahramand, chief technology officer of Revive Real Estate, has transformed the proptech landscape through innovations like the Revive Real Estate mobile app and the groundbreaking Revive Vision AI, revolutionizing real estate decisionmaking. His journey from biology to tech exemplifies unparalleled adaptability and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making significant strides in technology and education. 

Over the last year, Bahramand has been an invaluable asset to Revive Real Estate, chiefly through his strategic foresight and innovative contributions that have elevated our technological capabilities. His leadership in developing the Revive Real Estate mobile app and the consumer experience dashboard has not only enhanced the company’s operational efficiency but significantly improved its customer engagement. The introduction of Revive Vision AI under his guidance has revolutionized the way agents and their clients visualize and value post-remodel real estate, affirming our position at the forefront of industry innovation. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bahramand’s commitment to community and industry advancement is evident through his active involvement in volunteer work and trade organizations. His mentorship roles at Galvanize and Stripe Foundations, where he shapes the minds of future software engineers, demonstrate his dedication to fostering a new generation of tech talent. 

Additionally, his participation in forums like Devweek and achievements in competitive arenas such as ETHSanFrancisco highlight his respected standing in the tech community. Bahramand also participates in and hosts The CTO Talks series in Orange County. His blend of technological prowess, leadership, and community engagement not only makes him indispensable to our organization but also exemplifies the qualities of a true future leader in the real estate technology domain.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

My love of continuous learning. Coming from a biology background and transitioning into the technology realm, I realized early on that the tech industry’s constant evolution means an ongoing commitment to education and skill building. This habit of continuously seeking to understand more, whether through formal classes, online courses, or hands-on projects, has not only allowed me to stay ahead of tech trends but also helped me think of things differently — how can tech, product, or processes be improved? Innovated? That’s what I’m constantly striving to do.


Mansoor Bahramand




Chief Technology Officer

Company Name:

Revive Real Estate

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