2024 Rising Star: Lauren Bowen

Lauren Bowen

In nine years Lauren Bowen has gone from an agent to a team leader, to a licensed broker in nine states and now the chief operating officer at Robert Slack. Bowen oversees 18 team leaders in five states and manages 18 different lead sources for a company of nearly 800 agents. Bowen has been a vital part of the growth that has been seen at Robert Slack and plays a vital role in the company’s future expansions.

In the past year Bowen has been able help facilitate Robert Slack from operating in one state to being fully operational in five states. Going into 2023 Robert Slack had grown its roots in Florida and held the number one mega team spot for the past four years within the state. Going into 2024 they are fully operational in Georgia, Colorado, Idaho and Texas as well. Being a licensed broker in all of these states Bowen has played a vital role in this expansion. Robert Slack LLC is a leads provided brokerage and Bowen currently manages 18 of the companies various lead sources they partner with. Making sure her teams are top converters on these various lead sources is something Bowen takes immense pride in.

Culture has always been a big part of Robert Slack and Bowen embodies everything that stands for. Protecting a culture of a company while it is in growth is not an easy feat yet she is able to accomplish just that. Bowen currently sits on the board of directors for the not-for-profit Slack Serves that serves as an emergency assistance fund for the agents and employees within the company.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

To be consistent. To know that despite being in a world and career that is ever changing, the leaders within the company need to be consistent. Being able to do that will help your agents know they are being led with confidence and a commitment to ensuring they are in capable hands.


Lauren Bowen




Chief Operating Officer

Company Name:

Robert Slack

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