2024 Rising Star: Kyle Risko

Kyle Risko

As Senior Director, Portfolio Asset Manager, Kyle Risko has made transformative contributions at Auction.com, elevating client engagement and operational processes, which led to substantial growth in sales and revenue. His innovative strategies and leadership have accelerated Auction.com’s business efficiency and fostered a culture of excellence and mentorship. Risko’s dynamic approach and achievements exemplify the forward-thinking, impactful presence that the Rising Stars award celebrates.

Risko embodies the very essence of leadership and excellence at Auction.com. His dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration has impacted our organization and the real estate industry. Risko’s role in spearheading initiatives such as the Operation Homefront property project showcases his commitment to leveraging our platform for the greater good and reflecting our core values of community support and service. 

Through his leadership, Risko has nurtured a team environment where ideas flourish and success is a collective achievement. His ability to mentor and inspire has led to the advancement of his team members into leadership roles themselves, underlining his belief that true leaders create more leaders. Risko was Auction.com’s first president of the highly lauded organization Toastmasters International. He started with a few committed members and helped it grow to more than 50 participants. The club remains strongly supported after seven years. His strategic thinking and innovative solutions, such as integrating technology updates and process optimizations, have improved Auction.com’s operations and elevated our standing in the industry. His presentations on industry overviews and the REO process have enriched our company’s knowledge base, making him a revered figure across the organization. 

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

To a younger self, I’d impart the wisdom of embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth. I’d encourage seeking out those nerve-wracking moments because they’re the forge in which authentic learning and development are tempered. Understanding one’s strengths is crucial, but the daunting challenges sculpt resilience and reveal untapped potential. An exemplary moment of such growth was when I took the opportunity to present a comprehensive industry overview to the Auction.com team. This task stretched my abilities and showcased my expertise in the REO process within the distressed real estate life cycle. This experience was about sharing knowledge and stepping into a space that challenged my boundaries, reinforcing that beyond the edge of comfort lies a vast landscape of personal and professional evolution.


Kyle Risko




Senior Director, Portfolio Asset Manager

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