2024 Rising Star: Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward

Josh Woodward has played a vital role in Lima One Capital’s exponential growth as the company has emerged as a leading business-purpose lender for residential investment loans. Through his stewardship of the company’s accounting, treasury, FP&A and capital markets teams, Lima One has delivered $2 billion-plus in originations for two consecutive years while operating profitably and delivering quality, performing loans to parent company MFA Financial at record origination levels.

Woodward played a major role in guiding Lima One to record origination levels in 2023 despite an interest rate environment that decreased mortgage volume significantly. He led the way in developing and updating construction, fix and flip and bridge loan products to adjust to the changing rate environment, provide attractive financing options for top customers and reduce credit risk through guideline updates that significantly reduced risk. Proof of Woodward’s strong leadership was MFA’s ability to successfully securitize over $1 billion in Lima One loans in 2023. As a result of Woodward’s contributions, Lima One gained market share and continued profitable performance at a time when other business purpose lenders struggled or even shuttered. This cemented Lima One as one of the country’s top business-purpose lenders for residential real estate both in terms of originations and loans closed.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

Switching. Instead of trying to multitask, I do everything that I can to “switch” my mind completely to the task, or meeting, or conversation right in front of me (keep laptop closed, keep phone out of sight, etc.). Whether at work or at home, I try to be 100% focused and present in that moment.


Josh Woodward




Chief Financial Officer

Company Name:

Lima One Capital

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