2024 Rising Star: Jillian Young

Jillian Young

At just 38 years old, Jillian Young, president and broker of Premiere Plus Realty, stands as a beacon of problem-solving operational innovation and culture-based leadership in her local real estate market. With accolades including the SP 200 award, RISMedia Newsmaker award, top 100 in the nation for volume and sides, as well as overseeing a team of 1500 Realtors, 300 referral agents and 22 employees across 6 offices, Young’s visionary leadership and commitment to community impact make her a standout candidate for this recognition.

Young has been instrumental in driving Premiere Plus Realty’s success, leading strategic software and program initiatives and operational restructuring that propelled our sales production into the top 100 nationally over the last 12 months. She cultivates a positive work culture, exemplified by initiatives like PPR Cares, which engages our team in giving back to the community. 

Additionally, Young actively participates in volunteer work and sits on the board and/or committees with local nonprofits and trade organizations, enhancing our organization’s visibility and influence in the real estate industry while showcasing their unwavering commitment to excellence.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

There’s a saying that “education without implementation is just entertainment,” and boy, do I love education for entertainment. As a leader I have to take the incredible barrage of input: sales data, problems agents and staff are having, industry news, macroeconomic information, etc. and synthesize that into future-focused strategy and practical plans. To help with turning the education/entertainment “input” into revenue generating activity, I take “clarity breaks” once a week. It’s a date with a blank piece of paper, a sharp pencil and an overflowing brain from the week’s input. I output ideas, thoughts, draw process plans, write lists, problem solve and create ideal roadmaps, with no distractions. It’s the best way to drag myself out of the day-to-day firefighting and put all of the input to good use for the future plans of the company. We can’t lead teams without vision. We can’t “see” unless we get alone with our thoughts and let free-flowing creative innovation guide us.


Jillian Young





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Premiere Plus Realty

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