2024 Rising Star: Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green has been representing both the National Association of REALTORS and real estate industry in the important discussions of affordable housing both for homeownership and rental housing. In his role, Green has helped shape the conversation around affordable housing, successfully leading to numerous important policy revisions that help everyday Americans in their path to achieving homeownership or having safe, decent and affordable housing. Jeremy is actively at the forefront of every discussion that impacts both REALTORS and consumers, and has provided new ideas that help shape the real estate industry’s position to add to the housing supply.

Green has actively and effectively inserted himself into incredibly important conversations around affordable and attainable housing. In his almost two-years on NAR’s Policy Advocacy team, Green has successfully worked with federal agencies to enact policies that help those on their path to homeownership. Green was immediately at the forefront of discussions that lowered the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) mortgage insurance premium, updated proposals to their 203(k) renovation home loan program, enhanced loan limits for Title I manufactured home loans, and most recently with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ enforcement of assumable mortgages. While Green’s record at NAR is easily proven with concrete policy examples, what’s more important is how Jeremy has represented the real estate industry in the discussion and messaging around the need for affordable housing. As the largest real estate trade organization in the U.S., Green serves as one of the primary individuals in NAR’s representation of consumers and REALTORS to both the federal government and outside industry stakeholders.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received came from my parents right before the start of my first job at a local gym in my community. The advice is simple: “never say ‘that’s not my job.’” As I’ve grown in my career, I have come to learn that advice meant so much more than making sure I’m busy. It means that the more I say yes, the more doors it will open and opportunities will present themselves. This also gives me a different perspective in the sense that no task is too big or too small, they’re all important to both personal success, and success of the organization.

Similarly, it creates new opportunities. By tacking myself on to different programs and projects, I’m able to see how everything in housing falls into place, and how housing is a complex ecosystem that requires a meticulous approach. With each new opportunity I find myself in, I thank myself for never saying no, because it means I get to represent NAR and the industry in a new way.


Jeremy Green




National Association of REALTORS

Company Name:

Policy Representative, Federal Housing

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