2024 Rising Star: Helen Ghebremichael

Helen Ghebremichael

Helen Ghebremichael, a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry with nine years of experience at Nation’s Reliable Lending (NRL), has demonstrated exceptional leadership across finance, accounting, and servicing departments, culminating in her current role as director of treasury and FP&A. Her adeptness at navigating the industry, coupled with her innovative approach to process optimization and technology integration, has significantly enhanced productivity at both the executive and branch levels.

Over the past 12 months, Ghebremichael has proven invaluable to NRL in numerous ways. She has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in financial forecasting and analysis, providing critical insights that have guided strategic decision-making during a period of economic uncertainty. Her management of treasury functions has ensured optimal liquidity management and risk mitigation, safeguarding our financial stability amid market fluctuations. Additionally, Ghebremichael has played a pivotal role in streamlining our operational processes and implementing efficiency measures that have enhanced our cost-effectiveness. Her approach to leveraging technology has led to the development of financial models, enabling us to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Ghebremichael has consistently embodied the core values of NRL through her exceptional leadership and reliability. Her strategic vision has propelled our organization forward, driving growth and success even during challenging circumstances. Her approach to identifying opportunities for improvement has also fostered a culture of continuous improvement within our team. Not only is Helen a vital part of our organization, but she is also a leader within her community. In 2020, Helen formed an organization, Houston Eritrean Youth (HEY). HEY, focuses on service, social and cultural engagement, and educational enrichment of the Eritrean diaspora primarily in Houston.. 

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

I’d emphasize the importance of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. Navigating uncertainty with resilience and adaptability has been key to my success, and I’d encourage my younger self to approach obstacles with the same forward-thinking mindset.


Helen Ghebremichael




Director of Treasury and FP&A

Company Name:

NRL Mortgage Mortgage

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