2024 Rising Star: Heather McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin brings nearly 15 years of mortgage industry experience to Opteon. She is truly dedicated to finding a better way, having assisted in the early development and initial launch of what the industry recognizes as “Appraisal Modernization.” Her passion for optimization and improvement comes through in her vision: Make the valuation process feel as radically simple and fast as possible for Opteon’s customers and their borrowers, while still responsibly accounting for financial risk.

McLaughlin brings a seasoned perspective and pride of ownership to Opteon. She has contributed well beyond her role as vice president of product management, while exceeding expectations in all she does. During her first year with Opteon, McLaughlin rolled out an industry-first solution to a problem the industry faces, utilizing the right combination of data and expert appraiser knowledge to understand the income potential of a short-term rental property through Opteon’s Short-Term Rental Analysis (STRA) product. Beyond product development, McLaughlin has contributed to the further enhancement of Opteon’s compliance committee, as well as assisting our customers by educating their LOs, processors, underwriters, and Appraisal Management teams about appraisal modernization products, and the benefits in utilizing them, to improve industry adoption.

McLaughlin’s proactive, consultative approach to understanding and addressing needs is much appreciated by her peers as well as Opteon customers. She serves as a subject matter expert for team members and clients, actively providing industry knowledge and guidance. McLaughlin’s role requires cross-functional collaboration to inspire innovation in product, which she achieves with ease.

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

Try it On. Three small words that have made such a difference in my life that I have strived to raise my 4 sons to understand the same principle. Receiving feedback? Try it on. Debating over a topic? Try it on. Receiving Advice? Try it on.


Heather McLaughlin




Vice President, Product Management

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