2024 Rising Star: Dominique Rogers

Dominique Rogers

Since entering the mortgage and real estate industry more than 15 years ago, Dominique Rogers has worn many hats and brought his in-depth understanding of the housing landscape at each level, including his current role of associate vice president of real estate operations at Xome. Under Rogers’s leadership, Xome has upscaled automation to optimize employee workflow, increase cost efficiency and revolutionize both internal and external operations. Rogers’s leadership, experience in different specialities across the housing industry and commitment to fostering innovation are what truly define him as a rising star.

When Rogers joined Xome, he recognized that the company’s operations were functional, but there was room for improvement. Xome’s team spent time on tasks that were repetitive and often mundane. The original system wasn’t designed for the work Xome tackled –– Rogers saw an opportunity to automate these procedures, like generating emails and messages, to optimize the employee workflows. His automation efforts also helped Xome minimize costly risks such as vendors failing to appear for auction dates, incorrect information being provided at public auctions and additional fees being incurred due to delayed coverage notifications. 

Rogers was pivotal in identifying areas of the business that could be automated to ensure profit margins at Xome are maximized. Through Rogers’s implementation of automation, Xome was able to more successfully ingest new inventory, up 60% overall in 2023. Additionally, his automation efforts minimized human error, giving Xome a 98% quality assurance rate and eliminating any repeat findings in both internal and external audits in the last year. 

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

One habit that has helped me find the key to success is to carry out each action knowing it will be both important and impactful. Oftentimes when building your career it can feel like a sprint to the finish line, but it can be easy to forget to stop and think about the impact of what you are doing. You truly have to take a mindset that every action you make will have an impact on not only yourself, but the world around you, whether it be coworkers, customers or more broadly the industry you’re working in as a whole.


Dominique Rogers




Associate Vice President, Real Estate Operations

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