2024 Rising Star: Carl Wooloff

Carl Wooloff

Loan Vision has become a premier mortgage accounting software company with over 250 IMB/Bank customers and Carl Wooloff, vice president, go-to-market has single handedly sold them all. He brings exceptional sales skills coupled with tremendous business acumen that has acquired more than 75 customers from his largest competitor (AMB) which catapulted Loan Vision to the industry leader position and an unprecedented growth trajectory for the past 10 years. Wooloff and Loan Vision are on a path to revolutionize the way the mortgage industry has been run and he is committed to evolving the accounting department from an expense to a revenue generator.

Wooloff’s dedication, devotion and commitment to the mortgage industry is second to none. He is deeply invested in his customer’s success and has impacted the industry by promising and then delivering 30% reduction in time to close the books (opex), 25% reduction in accounting headcount staffing and most recently, when customers need it most, a 10% reduction in loan fall out! Carl is much more than a “sales guy.” Since the launch of Loan Vision in 2013, Wooloff has worn almost every single hat in this business while never taking his eye off the ball of accelerating and sustaining high double-digit growth. Wooloff has also been a dedicated Rotarian in his community for 10 years, is a former club president and has raised money for childhood leukemia.

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

The only thing constant in the mortgage industry is change. The ups and downs of this industry can be debilitating if you let it, so be sure to enjoy the ride, and ALWAYS celebrate the wins. Being laser focused on solving customer problems, innovation, growth, and exceeding the number are all very important, but be sure to enjoy/celebrate the wins as you will always lose more than you win.


Carl Wooloff




Vice President, Go-to-Market

Company Name:

Loan Vision

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