2024 Rising Star: Brian Sandrib

Brian Sandrib

Brian Sandrib is a dynamic vice president account manager who consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. Sandrib exemplifies a proven track record of consistently exceeding growth targets and fostering enduring partnerships within our customers. His deep understanding of the real estate, mortgage and Insurance sectors, coupled with his proactive approach to industry engagement, positions him as a pivotal force propelling our company’s success.

Throughout his six-year tenure at ATTOM (formerly RealtyTrac), Sandrib’s steadfast commitment and multifaceted contributions have significantly enriched the organization’s trajectory. Leading a dedicated team responsible for overseeing ATTOM’s customers from onboarding through their entire lifecycle, Sandrib’s impact resonates across various facets of the business. Sandrib has demonstrated versatility by taking on diverse roles in business development, sales management and account management. This journey has equipped him with a profound understanding of the customer base. This knowledge, combined with his leadership, has played a pivotal role in the development, growth and retention of ATTOM’s clients. His strategic insights and consultative approach have resulted in the inclusion of some of the most innovative and cutting-edge companies within the ATTOM clientele. Sandrib’s influence extends beyond the confines of traditional account management, as he actively contributes to shaping the customer experience, fostering innovation, and ensuring client success. His strategic vision aligns seamlessly with the company’s commitment to serving as a transformative information and property data services organization that fuels innovation, growth and strategy for its customers.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

Rooted in my DNA is an unwavering commitment to a goal. Shaped by years of being an athlete, this philosophy has been a guiding force throughout my entire life. This inherent dedication seamlessly translates to all facets of my career. At the heart of my habit is a deep-seated determination to succeed. This trait was instilled in me through the challenges and triumphs of athletic pursuits. Like my approach in sports, once equipped with the tools and knowledge to tackle a task, I make it a steadfast habit to persevere. My commitment to learning through doing reflects a genuine passion for achieving goals. This approach not only highlights my self-reliance but also underscores my resilience in navigating the complexities of my responsibilities. This commitment has fueled me to play a pivotal role in the overall success of ATTOM.


Brian Sandrib




Vice President, Account Management

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