2024 Rising Star: Brennan O’Connell

Brennan O'Connell

Brennan O’Connell was brought on by Optimal Blue in 2019 to productize the company’s origination data intelligence — something Optimal Blue had never done before. In a short period, O’Connell worked with the Optimal Blue team to curate data offerings that expanded the company’s market reach across new sectors — including marquee government entities, hedge funds and research institutions — as well as within its original lender market. Brennan was promoted for his contribution to the company’s growth and influence on boosting customer value, and he now helps Optimal Blue enhance all its products with data insights.

O’Connell shaped Optimal Blue’s Market Data solutions, brought it to new markets, and in the process, established Optimal Blue as the go-to source for the most current and comprehensive source of mortgage origination data. When O’Connell joined Optimal Blue, his initial task was to navigate uncharted territories by commercializing Optimal Blue’s rich data set for new markets beyond the company’s primary clientele of lenders. O’Connell’s strategic insight and innovative approach led to the broadening of the company’s market base to include government entities, hedge funds, universities, think tanks and research institutions. O’Connell’s vision for the Market Data solutions not only solidified their application across a diverse customer base — but it redefined how data could be leveraged to gain insights into the housing economy. 

O’Connell’s pride in contributing data to policymakers for a clearer understanding of housing market dynamics underscores the tangible impact of his work on broader economic and social outcomes. Brennan’s role has since evolved to encompass a broader strategic focus on Optimal Blue’s overall data solutions. He was promoted for his exceptional ability to shape product development, lead sales efforts and provide thought leadership within both the company and the broader industry.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“In life, always remember to read everything you can (i.e., be intellectually curious) and help more people than you hurt (i.e., be a net positive in the world.)”

– Tom Blaney, History teacher, Green Bay, WI.


Brennan O'Connell




Director of Data Solutions

Company Name:

Optimal Blue

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