2024 Rising Star: Blaine Welgraven

Blaine Welgraven

Blaine Welgraven has played a pivotal role in Earnnest’s transformative growth by establishing a robust operational foundation. Through his exceptional leadership, he streamlined processes, built high-performing teams and fostered inter-departmental collaboration. His strategic initiatives not only facilitated revenue growth but also laid the groundwork for Earnnest’s ascendancy as an industry leader.

Welgraven’s commitment to unifying departments and fostering cross-departmental partnerships has not only led to significant revenue growth but has also positioned Earnnest as an organization with strong communication and operational consistency. He pioneered and implemented our current onboarding processes, resulting in heightened efficiency and client satisfaction. Welgraven’s leadership in constructing and training the Earnnest Success Team has been a key factor in achieving over 95% client retention. He successfully rebuilt and reorganized our Support Team, adeptly handling a 180% increase in case loads during surging transaction volumes.

Welgraven has driven positive change and growth within our organization and the real estate industry as a whole through his clear and thoughtful leadership. He leads high-output teams that have played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable 5x revenue growth over the last three years. Blaine’s role in unifying departments and fostering collaboration has created a seamless and efficient operational environment. His ability to communicate and lead knowledge-sharing initiatives across departments has been paramount to the success of our organization. He actively leads and unifies inter-departmental partnerships between revenue and product teams, contributing to ongoing product improvement.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

It boils down to two key points: Always come as prepared as possible, and never stop learning — about your business or your clients. Multiple managers, each in their own style, have stressed the importance of these principles.


Blaine Welgraven




Vice President of Operations

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