2024 Rising Star: Adi Pavlovic

Adi Pavlovic

Adi Pavlovic is a visionary in the mortgage and real estate technology space. His real estate and technology background led him down a path to co-found Newzip, a tech company that enables lenders to build better customer relationships, close more loans, and offer a more competitive value proposition. 

Pavlovic has a passion for the residential real estate space, specifically around technology and a desire to drive change in the home buying process to create a better experience for both consumers and lenders. These two things correlate strongly together at Newzip, and Pavlovic’s vision around these two areas coming together have been the key drivers to Newzip’s success, in particular over the past 12 months. Prior to co-founding Newzip, Pavlovic had spent a majority of his career in the real estate technology space, first on the corporate side of Keller Williams helping build and lead their technology and product teams, and then afterwards in the venture capital space at Modern Ventures focusing on tech companies in the real estate space. 

He has an infectious passion for technology and is on a mission to build and evolve technology to drive a better experience for Newzip customers (both lenders and consumers). The passion Pavlovic has coupled with his background and his experience in this space has been the catalyst that put Newzip in the successful position we are in today. He has been the main driver behind Newzip’s technology and product offering to our customers. Newzip’s consumer net promoter score of 90 is a testament to the positive customer experience that consumers have when they work with Newzip on their home buying journey thanks to Pavlovic.

What is the one habit that has helped you succeed?

Obsession with quality.


Adi Pavlovic





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