2024 Rising Star: Abhishek Shende

Abhishek Shende

Abhishek Shende is an influential engineering leader at Zillow, transforming mortgage origination through cutting-edge distributed computing and AI. His work at Ellie Mae, notably on the Encompass NextGen suite, has significantly advanced the U.S. mortgage industry, enhancing operational efficiency, cybersecurity and compliance. 

In the last 12 months, Shende has been instrumental in leading Zillow’s Home Loans Division towards groundbreaking technological advancements in mortgage origination. His strategic initiatives in distributed systems design and the integration of AI have not only streamlined operations but also significantly boosted cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Beyond his organizational contributions, Shende’s dedication to mentorship and his active participation in trade organizations underscore his commitment to the broader industry’s growth and innovation. His work, especially in enhancing operational efficiency and user experience, marks him as a valuable asset to our organization and the mortgage industry at large.

Shende embodies leadership and excellence through his innovative contributions to Zillow’s Home Loans Division, where his work in technology and mortgage origination has set new industry standards. His initiatives not only reflect our company’s values of innovation, integrity, and leadership but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. Abhishek’s ability to drive significant projects, mentor emerging talent and his engagement in industry discussions exemplify a commitment to excellence and a vision that aligns with our company’s mission to revolutionize real estate through technology.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Always remember the impact of my work on individuals’ lives, especially in the context of mortgage origination. This advice resonates deeply with me as my efforts in enhancing mortgage technology directly contribute to making homeownership more accessible and efficient — a cornerstone of achieving the American Dream. It’s a reminder that behind every line of code and strategic decision, there’s an opportunity to facilitate someone’s journey towards owning a home, embodying the essence of empowerment and fulfillment in the U.S.


Abhishek Shende




Senior Principal Software Engineer

Company Name:

Zillow Group

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