2024 Finance Leader: Tracie Lewis

Tracie Lewis

As Senior Managing Partner of Financial Planning & Analysis at Mortgage Advisory Partners (MAP), Tracie Lewis has proven to be an indispensable asset to the organization, distinguishing herself through her exceptional skills in financial planning and analysis. Her ability to synthesize complex data sets into coherent and insightful reports has been a game-changer for MAP clients. In an era where data is abundant but often overwhelming, Lewis’s talent for extracting meaningful patterns and trends has empowered senior leadership teams to make well-informed, strategic decisions. This ability has been particularly crucial in navigating the unpredictable economic landscape of the past 12 months, where rapid adaptation and foresight have been key to maintaining our client’s competitive edge.

Lewis’s contributions extend beyond her technical expertise. Her collaborative approach and dedication to mentoring clients has fostered a culture of continuous learning and professional development within companies with which she consults. Her involvement in various projects has not only enhanced their success but has also uplifted the entire team’s capabilities. In essence, Lewis isn’t just a standout individual contributor; she is a cornerstone of MAP’s organizational growth and resilience, particularly in challenging times.


Tracie Lewis


Senior Managing Partner of Financial Planning and Analysis

Company Name:

Mortgage Advisory Partners

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