2024 Finance Leader: Scott Tansil

Scott Tansil

FirstBank’s Chief Operations Officer, Scott Tansil, is an esteemed figure in the industry. With a blend of experience, intelligence and a relentless drive to elevate the organization, Tansil has steered FirstBank towards unparalleled success and a promising future. His strategic prowess and ability to foster growth among his team have transformed the company’s operations into a formidable force poised for an exceptional 2024.

Tansil’s influence on his organization is profound. He initiated a fundamental shift in the FirstBank’s approach, emphasizing running the organization to the profit and loss rather than revenue and margin. This strategic pivot has led to improved communication, heightened camaraderie and a unified focus on enhancing borrower and associate experiences while maximizing efficiency and fulfilling our fiduciary duties to the bank.

What sets Tansil apart as a leader is his clear articulation of expectations, fostering an environment where excellence is easily achievable and success is readily identifiable. His adeptness at encouraging collaboration while respecting individual responsibilities has vastly improved communication within the leadership team, facilitating a deeper understanding of the challenges across different segments. Under Tansil’s guidance, the leadership team has experienced unparalleled growth and learning, setting us on a trajectory for success unlike any other.


Scott Tansil


Chief Operations Officer

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