2024 Finance Leader: Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

In March 2022, Kevin Ryan was hired as Xactus’s CFO, charged with driving greater efficiencies for both the company and its clients by building better processes, finding ways to leverage data, and helping to enhance the firm’s decision-making capabilities through analytical tools. He was integral to merging seven different billing platforms into one cohesive system, as Xactus emerges from three years of multiple mergers and moves forward as a true fintech leader. With his more than 20 years of finance experience, Ryan helped unify the organization by developing innovative workflows and instilling structure for all financial-related functions at the company.

Ryan’s unparalleled expertise has elevated the firm’s financial operations and helped set a new standard for efficiency and client satisfaction. One of his achievements includes the transformation of the company’s accounting systems. With approximately 10,000 invoices processed monthly, he recognized that customers often have questions surrounding their invoices and implemented technology to provide a better customer experience. As a result, Xactus can meticulously track payment on each invoice, and has empowered its account managers with real-time data to address customer concerns. The system also allows Xactus to monitor response times, enabling continuous improvements to its invoicing workflows.

Through the use of technology and under Ryan’s direction, the invoicing process has also been improved. What once took four to seven days to complete has been reduced to one to two days. Invoices incorporate more data so they are better understood, and conveniently include paylinks allowing customers to settle their bills online — an option that was previously unavailable. This not only has modernized the firm’s payment processes but also adds an extra layer of convenience for its clients.


Kevin Ryan


Chief Financial Officer

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