2024 Finance Leader: Ed Messman

Ed Messman

Ed Messman has created an innovative way to solve the industry’s most intractable problem: expanding the universe of possible homeowners via new models of financing. The Shared Equity paradigm is a data-driven, community-oriented financing model that could increase homeownership by up to 10 million families by 2027. Messman has built an ecosystem of banks, credit unions, builders, investors and buyers to see this dream come to life.

The Shared Equity model is one that the team members have rallied around; their passion is given higher amplitude daily by Messman’s positivity and ability to pull off seeming miracles, including quick financing rounds in tough markets and the exit/absorption into an organization that can scale Shared Equity as it deserves.

In a short period, Messman conceived and brought to life an innovative concept for financing homeownership that required the alignment of various disparate entities. Rook Capital and now Legacy benefit enormously from his charisma, industry contacts and ability to both be highly strategic and on-the-ground tactical.

When it comes to fairness, equity, and entrepreneurship in the industry, Messman stands tall as a leader and a galvanizer of disparate forces that need to work in concert to expand the ecosystem. Messman is a remarkable people person while also fronting deep technical and marketing chops. Messman speaks the language of technology, finance, channel, and consumer all at once, holding him in good stead as he works to create a new beachhead in mortgage and real estate.


Ed Messman


Chief Strategy Officer

Company Name:

Legacy Group Capital

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