2023 Rising Star: Nate Levin


As Managing Director of Parker89, the proptech-focused venture capital arm of First American Financial Corporation, Nate Levin co-manages a $450 million venture investment portfolio. He oversaw the launch of the Parker89 brand in 2022 and established its reputation as one of the most active proptech investors in the market. He is an incredibly knowledgeable investor, sitting on the boards of several startups Parker89 invests in and helping changemakers in proptech scale in an incumbent market.

Last year Levin led the company’s investments in Tomo, Vesta, Welcome Homes, Keyway and others, totaling around $90 million of invested capital. He takes a hands-on approach with the portfolio, bridging the gap between established, legacy mortgage companies and startups that are revolutionizing real estate business models. Under Levin’s leadership, Parker89’s investment strategy focuses on finding and supporting early-stage companies and entrepreneurs that are reimagining elements of the real estate process. Levin has the ability to see the big picture and what digital transformation means not only for real estate and mortgage solutions but also for First American. He drives the company’s people-powered innovation mission while bringing relevant perspectives from his conversations with founders. He has a unique ability to connect the dots between startups and the larger mortgage establishment and provides both counsel and capital to these upstart companies. In this way, he provides the necessary resources for these startups to deliver strong returns, while building the future at First American. 

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

I take notes on everything. Even if I don’t think a piece of information is important, I still write it down, because it helps me retain information better, allows me to synthesize it in real time and you never know if something you wrote could be useful down the road. 


Nate Levin




Managing Director

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Real Estate

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