2023 Rising Star: Matt Pettit

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Just as he was beginning his career in mortgage, Matt Pettit realized that getting down payment assistance is more difficult than it needs to be. So, Pettit teamed up with former colleagues to establish Arrive Home, a social enterprise dedicated to helping responsible borrowers in underserved communities through alternative credit solutions and down payment assistance programs. As president of Arrive Home, Pettit’s goal is to tear down the barriers that prevent unconventional — yet credit-worthy borrowers — from securing a home loan. He is helping inspire generational change, one home at a time.

In founding Arrive Home, Pettit’s mission was to change the way lenders view down payment assistance by educating the industry about these programs and providing technology that makes these loans less burdensome. The idea is to work with governmental entities, lenders and nonprofit groups to offer innovative mortgage products and loans to reliable borrowers who qualify under FHA guidelines. For Pettit, building a system that makes down payment assistance accessible for correspondent lenders is key. Pettit’s input was essential and he helped develop a platform where lenders can easily work through the DPA process, requesting assistance on behalf of a borrower, receiving notification of acceptance and processing payments. Leveraging technology allows Arrive Home to eliminate the long wait times and confusion that traditionally accompany requests for down payment assistance. The process makes it easier and therefore more appealing for lenders to work with borrowers who need DPA.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

Treat others how you want to be treated. I try to take the time to really understand the people I work with on a personal level. I have found that people care more about the work they are doing and the team they are on if they feel respected and understood by their colleagues.


Matt Pettit





Company Name:

Arrive Home



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