2023 Rising Star: Jonathan Morales


Jonathan Morales is the managing director at Greystone. A CPA by training, he looks beyond the numbers to find creative financing solutions that enable his clients to provide quality affordable housing to their residents. Since joining Greystone 12 years ago, Morales has managed almost $1 billion in originations. Even amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, his average annual volume increased by 37%. Morales’s success lies in being a trusted business partner and innovator for his clients — not solely a lender — he’s his clients’ go-to guy for navigating day-to-day operational challenges and larger business issues in affordable housing and beyond.

Morales’s passion for getting to the heart of the matter for clients exemplifies Greystone’s “people matter” philosophy. Morales’s leadership style is to mentor by example so that his team has the same curiosity and care about their clients as he does. He is an expert in the nuances of all product types and tax credits available for the affordable market. Morales’s superpower is his innate ability to find and foster the human connection with others. He is currently developing new product offerings that are designed to help Section 8 property owners in the current rising costs market environment. He also looks outside of traditional financing options to help his clients realize extra operating expense savings and future income potential.

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

Take a deep breath, be intentional and trust the process. When I first started, switching industries from accounting to real estate finance, I was under the misimpression that I was this hot shot CPA. Truthfully, I was young and didn’t know anything. Learning to relax, not necessarily lower my standards, has helped propel my career to where it is today.


Jonathan Morales




Managing Director

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