2023 Rising Star: Eric Forney


Eric Forney is the vice president of industry and innovation at Livian. As a leader, he has demonstrated a commitment to fostering growth and innovation across Livian’s 70+ markets. Forney is consistently training, leading and advising the real estate industry’s best entrepreneurs and agents on his cutting-edge sales strategies, tactical application of economics and the latest innovative tools. Each week, Forney leads Profit Push, a 12-week leadership curriculum that focuses on the critical disciplines of a CEO. 

Forney was instrumental in ushering in validity and direction to Livian’s growth strategy. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovative thinking during Livian’s rapid growth, helping Livian reimagine what the scalable infrastructure of the future looks like for the best real estate teams in the world. By adopting his first principles approach and inspiration from other industries, Forney has helped implement Livian’s cutting-edge sales strategy. He has also improved organizational workflows and automation that increase agent productivity and profitability. Forney’s commitment to delivering on Livian’s promise of creating businesses that allow Realtors to ‘Love How They Live’ is evident in his relentless pursuit of world-class product development and innovative thinking. 

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

I wear waterproof earbuds everywhere so that I can maximize the time I’m able to study successful businesses, influential leaders and biographies of the most prominent people in history. By gaining valuable knowledge and insights, I’m able to keep up with business trends and accelerate my growth as a leader by adopting the wisdom of others to make more informed decisions and stay motivated in the face of challenges.


Eric Forney




Vice President of Industry and Innovation

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Real Estate

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