2023 Rising Star: Brittany Tei


Brittany Tei is the director of operations technology at Thrive Mortgage. With an extensive background in technology development, process automation, robotics and project management, Tei’s role at Thrive is to thoroughly examine the loan manufacturing workflow. She provides process improvements through the adoption of process-driven automation as well as data-driven decisions to create greater workflow efficiency.

Since joining Thrive in early 2021, Tei’s role has been to spearhead multiple initiatives related to expanding the innovative lender’s capabilities. Tackling a project dubbed internally as “The Mortgage Genome Project,” Tei and her team have worked to identify inefficiencies in existing processes and replace that inefficiency with advanced technology. Additionally, Tei is the architect of a vendor change management process that enabled the company to quickly identify strategic partnerships which are far more intentional and better managed to implement new solutions in short order. In an industry of continually shifting conditions, from margin compression to capacity concerns, Tei’s contributions to the research and development of innovative solutions have laid the foundation for Thrive Mortgage to be a leader of innovation that propels the industry forward.

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

Don’t wait for someone to present you with an opportunity. Make your own opportunities! Had I really embraced this concept earlier in life, I would have been more vocal with what I wanted and with setting my own goals.


Brittany Tei




Director of Operations Technology

Company Name:

Thrive Mortgage



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