2023 Rising Star: Brandon Lwowski


Brandon Lwowski is the director of research at HouseCanary. Lwowski started at HouseCanary four years ago as a machine learning engineer and quickly rose through the ranks. Lwowski credits his quick rise to his unique background. Prior to entering the housing industry, Lwowski worked as a high school math teacher. Through that experience, he developed listening and communication skills that have helped him stand out amongst his peers. He used those skills to initiate important projects at HouseCanary. Lwowski has worked on AVMs since the beginning of his time at HouseCanary, and he has been a significant part of HouseCanary’s journey to become an industry leader in tackling appraisal bias. Lwowski has used his position at HouseCanary to research racial bias in the housing industry. He co-authored a whitepaper titled, “Reducing Racial Bias in Home Appraisals Using Automated Valuation Technology.” The report demonstrated how appropriately trained AVMs can eliminate bias towards homeowners, thereby creating a fairer appraisal process. 

Lwowski and his team are an essential part of HouseCanary’s operations, with their innovations shaping the future of the company and the housing market as a whole. Lwowski can operate as a team of one, taking ownership over important projects, or as a team of many, responsible for overseeing innovation at an innovative company.

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

The skills I developed in my time as a teacher — the ability to communicate clearly and listen with intent —  also proved to be essential when pursuing important projects at HouseCanary in addition to managing a team of individuals.


Brandon Lwowski




Director of Research

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Real Estate

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