2023 HW Vanguard: Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson

Grid151 president, Ryan Peterson, led the company through the innovation, build and launch of three new products in the past four years. Grid151’s mission is to help clients achieve their mission — a statement that perfectly sums up Peterson’s whole career. Peterson likes to listen to his clients talk about their challenges, points of friction and areas of frustration. And out of that listening, he addresses those challenges with new products and services. In 2022 Peterson led his team to create GridBase. They had the idea that one of the biggest gaps in the real estate home-buying journey was integrations. The mortgage lender, the real estate agent, the title agent and the dozens of vendors that support each of them each sit on their own operating system and tech stack and build operations centers around that tech stack. Peterson and his team innovated, launched and brought to market an entirely new solution in under one year. Peterson and the team have added GridBase to their suite of products and services and they are busy expanding its reach, even in the midst of a down market. In the past 12 months alone GridBase went from pencil sketches at Peterson’s desk — to market launch. GridBase is now taking the market by storm and gaining traction — all with a very lean team and crazy fast development timelines. 

What’s the secret to your success?

I do not fear failure, but I am terrified of failing. There is a subtle difference and I live in the middle of that every day. So in all of my business successes, I have this drive that is due in part to energy and passion, but if I’m being really honest, partly due to fear of ever going back to that place that I came from.


Ryan Peterson



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