2023 HW Vanguard: Ross Diedrich

Ross Diedrich

Ross Diedrich is the co-founder and CEO of Covered Insurance Solutions. Diedrich leads a team of experts developing world-class insurance software, enabling companies across the fintech, banking, real estate and mortgage to find higher customer satisfaction and retention through a seamless, unbiased insurance marketplace.  Showing exceptional leadership and drive, Diedrich has pushed the envelope for industry standards resulting in Covered‘s customers reporting an unmatched NPS of 91 compared to the insurance industry average of 35. This NPS score is a direct result of technology that is simple to use and unbiased agency guidance on coverage from agents who are salaried and evaluated on customer service rather than commission. Diedrich has built an ecosystem of some of the top business partners to deliver this insurance marketplace. This ecosystem includes a fast-growing list of the top players in lending, banking, payroll systems, real estate and more. Diedrich and his team of experts have carved a niche in the embedded insurance industry that clearly differentiates the organization from competitors. In a highly regulated industry, Diedrich understands the importance of adhering to compliance, privacy and security regulations for consumers. With his leadership, Covered has become one of the leading InsurTechs where all operations are U.S.-based and have best-in-class regulatory compliance partner programs with leading infosec procedures. 

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

Waking up at 4am every morning. No exceptions. Time is finite — a precious and scarce resource — and in a world of connectivity, zoom calls, emails, texts and non-stop meetings, time easily slips away. Waking up early helps me protect time for deep, focused thinking and clarity.


Ross Diedrich



Company Name:

Covered Insurance

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