2023 HW Vanguard: Randell Gillespie

Randell Gillespie

Randell Gillespie joined Thrive Mortgage in 2018 and made an immediate and indelible impact on the organization. Gillespie expanded Thrive’s national footprint from 13 to 39 states within months and increased Thrive’s origination volume to record levels. Throughout his storied career, Gillespie has been one of the most connected and well-respected executives in the mortgage industry. His tenure has resulted in Thrive Mortgage becoming a highly respected and influential force in the mortgage industry.  After serving in the Marine Corps, Gillespie began a highly successful career as a loan originator. He quickly rose through the ranks to management positions for some of the biggest brands in mortgage banking. Organizational growth has been a hallmark of Gillespie’s leadership at every turn. Since joining Thrive as national sales director, Gillespie has guided the company through extensive periods of growth and many tumultuous industry cycles.

Through Gillespie’s leadership, Thrive Mortgage has experienced more than just growth in origination volume and branch locations. Thrive has become a nationally recognized brand through his continued efforts and constant touring to industry conferences, recruiting meetings and leadership development. He invests extensive time and energy into those under his charge, continually challenging them to grow and empowering them to direct their divisions effectively. His leadership style is one of empowerment, encouragement and humility. Gillespie’s ability to articulate a vision without being overbearing on the details demonstrates a significant trust in the professionals around him, and that trust has led to a foundation of unparalleled leadership within Thrive that permeates all levels of the organization.

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success? 

I learned at a very early age to always do what’s right for the relationship. Even if it means you must do something uncomfortable or even painful that may cost you in the short term, your word is everything. There are no shortcuts when it comes to integrity.


Randell Gillespie


Executive Vice President and National Sales Director

Company Name:

Thrive Mortgage

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