2023 HW Vanguard: Patrick Dodd

Patrick Dodd

Patrick Dodd has exhibited exceptional leadership in transforming the housing industry at CoreLogic. He leverages his more than three decades of experience working with data across a number of industries. Under his guidance, CoreLogic has delivered innovative solutions and facilitated key acquisitions and partnerships, helping to drive innovation and reshape the future of the property ecosystem and further establishing CoreLogic as an industry leader. Through acquisitions and partnerships, Dodd has positioned CoreLogic as a comprehensive solutions provider, offering a wide array of services spanning property data, analytics and technology. This integrated approach has proven invaluable to clients, as they can now access a holistic suite of tools to streamline their operations. Dodd was named president and CEO in 2022. Under his guidance, CoreLogic has maintained a people-first focus, prioritizing the needs of clients and staff. His emphasis on fostering strong relationships and understanding pain points has allowed the company to continuously innovate and develop solutions that directly address market challenges.

Thanks to Dodd, CoreLogic is undergoing a complete tech-enabled transformation with clients’ needs as the north star, developing industry-leading solutions such as Precision Marketing, Climate Risk Analytics and our Discovery Platform—which are all poised to revolutionize the way the industry uses data. He has also overseen successful acquisitions, partnerships and integrations with other leading companies. Dodd’s forward-thinking, people-first mentality has kept CoreLogic ahead of the curve and helped clients drive business growth, regardless of current economic conditions.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

If you don’t fall, you don’t learn. This piece of wisdom has been particularly impactful for me, especially during my early career when I was overly cautious as a leader. Embracing the idea that mistakes and failures are opportunities for growth has enabled me to take more calculated risks, learn from setbacks, and ultimately develop a greater sense of resilience and adaptability.


Patrick Dodd


President and CEO

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