2023 HW Vanguard: Karen Kreutziger

Karen Kreutziger

Karen Kreutziger has an unwavering dedication and compassion towards her employees and community. Her mission is to empower families to achieve homeownership. Demonstrating exceptional leadership as CEO, Kreutziger actively serves on multiple advisory boards and holds pivotal roles in philanthropic organizations and programs focused on addressing housing inequality, bringing it to the forefront of political discussions. Kreutziger also spearheaded the program development and employee adoption of The Giving Branch, an employee-funded non-profit organization that supports our local communities. Kreutziger’s leadership is a remarkable blend of business acumen and genuine empathy. This unique combination has been instrumental in driving Flat Branch’s growth, positioning it as a prominent industry leader in the Midwest. 

Beyond her business success, Kreutziger’s visionary leadership extends to initiatives that prioritize the welfare of her team and community. Kreutziger’s dedication also shines through in her involvement with external initiatives, such as the MBA’s Home For All Pledge, which actively addresses racial inequalities in housing. By leading the charge in such meaningful endeavors, Kreutziger showcases her passion for making a difference in the lives of others and advocating for positive change. Kreutziger’s multifaceted leadership has not only elevated Flat Branch to new heights but has also fostered a culture of compassion, equity and community engagement. 

What’s one habit that has been crucial to your success?

Learning from other leaders. Whether it’s cultivating relationships to collaborate or reading books, I block time each week to focus on my growth to ensure I’m in the best position to support my team. 


Karen Kreutziger



Company Name:

Flat Branch Home Loans

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