2023 HW Vanguard: Jarred Kessler

Jarred Kessler

As the CEO and founder of EasyKnock, Jarred Kessler is an industry thought leader and vision-driven entrepreneur ushering in a new chapter into the real estate industry and empowering American homeowners to achieve financial success. Whether a homeowner wants to convert the equity in their home into cash, explore a bridge loan alternative or make a stronger offer on a new home, EasyKnock’s mission is to help everyday Americans. Kessler has led EasyKnock through a year of vast growth, announcing the acquisition of Ribbon, a pioneer of power buying and cash offer solutions, as well as increasing strategic partnerships with real estate agents, brokerages, home builders and others offering their clients access to a suite of products and helping partners expand their business. Kessler founded and continues to build EasyKnock with American homeowners’ long-term financial well-being as the top priority. Understanding that Americans need and deserve a new way, EasyKnock is revolutionizing the space with a new approach, addressing the trapped equity crisis head-on through innovative and accessible residential sale-leaseback programs that help customers reach their financial goals without having to increase their debt or leave the homes they know and love. Demonstrating true leadership and professional excellence, Kessler not only educates and supports EasyKnock’s team and customers through his expertise, but also provides value and an expert perspective on current events in the news cycle for a broader audience through media appearances, industry speaking engagements and contributed articles.

What has been your secret to success?

Having pure grit, asking for help when needed and not following the conventional path. To quote a good friend, “Don’t think outside the box, throw the box out.


Jarred Kessler


CEO and Founder

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