2023 HW Vanguard: H. Marc Helm

H. Marc Helm

H. Marc Helm is a veteran in the mortgage banking field, having amassed an impressive 46-year career in the industry. He stands out as an accomplished professional and trailblazer. He held leadership positions at various companies and achieved success in every role he has had. Helm previously served as the president and CEO of Reverse Mortgage Solutions and currently serves as president and CEO of Mortgage Consultants of America (MCA), ReverseAmerica Advisors, Inc. (RAA) and senior partner with Transformational Mortgage Solutions (TMS). Helm’s dedication to professional associations and industry leadership is exemplary. He has been actively engaged with organizations like the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association, serving on various committees and boards. As an industry thought leader, he has authored numerous articles and often presented at major conferences.

Helm’s expertise extends to executive coaching, consulting and expert witness roles, where he has provided critical support in litigated matters, offering testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants in diverse cases related to the mortgage industry. His experience and dedication to industry advancement and community service make Helm a true leader and an asset to the mortgage banking sector. Beyond his professional achievements, Helm actively contributes to industry advancement, participating in numerous committees and associations. He is a prolific author of books and articles, and his reputation as a captivating speaker makes him a sought-after presence at conferences focusing on mortgage banking and as a specialist in the area of reverse mortgages.

What has been your secret to success?

My unwavering focus on legacy and the future. Embracing change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement has been the key to unlocking new opportunities and staying ahead in the ever-evolving mortgage landscape. Ultimately, my success is not solely measured by the present but by the enduring contributions I make to the industry and the growth of those who follow in my footsteps.


H. Marc Helm


President and CEO

Company Name:

ReverseAmerica Advisors

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