2023 HW Vanguard: Gene Millman

Gene Millman

When Gene Millman took on the role of president and CEO of Colorado’s largest MLS, REcolorado, he sought to establish a company vision that would unite his team through a shared mission to deliver an essential service to subscribers, one that would change the way MLS data was accessed through unmatched customer input and stellar technology. Now, three years later, REcolorado stands out as a leader among MLS providers thanks to Millman’s emphasis on customer feedback, which is used to inspire continuous improvement in the tools and resources it provides. But for Millman, the focus extends beyond just the company’s successes and rests on his belief in the need to be a strong voice in the industry, making bold choices and leading strategically to promote a fair and efficient real estate marketplace. Millman is an avid believer in the power of collaboration, and he places an unwavering emphasis on the need for inclusivity and communication within the company’s ranks, knowing that a thriving corporate culture is critical to any company’s success. As a leader, he works to empower his team so every individual feels their contribution is essential, that they know it’s OK to take chances, to speak up with new ideas, and that “failing forward” is valuable too. To create a positive culture, Millman outlined core values that guide the team: integrity, customer-centric, trust, excellence, respect and flexibility.

What has been the secret to your success?

Group achievement. If you work with people who believe in your vision and share your passion and purpose, you can do great things. To me, it’s essential to keep the customer first and to remember that none of us are bigger than the organizations we serve. It’s about working together and staying humble, centered and focused.


Gene Millman


President and CEO

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