2023 HW Vanguard: Charles Williams

Charles Williams

When Charles Williams founded Percy 10 years ago, he set out on a mission to uncover what he believed to be a massive untapped asset that could be a gamechanger for Realtors and lenders alike: consumer behavioral data. Williams believed that, armed with actionable insights into a homeowner’s assets and intent, agents and loan officers could build more meaningful relationships with prospects and clients. In founding Percy, Williams created a data intelligence company that is the first buyer marketplace to collect, analyze and expose demand for a home, providing intellectual and predictive data that has helped hundreds of thousands of real estate and mortgage professionals generate more seller leads, listings and profit. Under Williams’ leadership, Percy continues to expand its reach, making a huge move this past year that enables agents and loan officers to directly access Percy’s offerings. Previously, Percy was made available to professionals through their firms and brokerages. Now, individuals can partner with Percy to access data and tools to grow their businesses. An engineer by training, Williams is a natural problem solver who is adept at creating systems designed to enhance a process. His grandfather and father both worked in real estate, and in following their footsteps, he saw an opportunity to create something that could effectuate meaningful change in an industry he knew well. A decade later, he has built a thriving company off his inspired idea, leading a growing team that continues to advance Percy’s reach through collaboration and innovation. As CEO, Williams is the anti-micromanager, believing firmly that each team member brings their own unique skills and ideas to the table and that they should feel confident in their ability to contribute and empowered to do what they do best.

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

Persistence. In my life and my work, this attribute has always served me. Sometimes, I might have to rethink my original take or pivot to a new direction, but I never, ever give up. I am relentless when I feel passionate about something and have a goal in mind, and I will push and strive to get to where I aim to go.


Charles Williams



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