2023 HW Vanguard: Brett Brumley

Brett Brumley

Brett Brumley is the founder and CEO of Lender Toolkit. Long before AI became the topic de jour in the mortgage industry, Brumley had conceived and built a company that seamlessly integrates AI into the underwriting process to help lenders save time and money. Brumley has created tools for effortlessly automating and streamlining many mortgage tasks from origination to underwriting to the secondary market, including AI Underwriter, which delivers one-touch loan decisions by enabling lenders to customize, automate and apply underwriting conditions in 90 seconds or less. Through a partnership with the industry’s leading loan origination system, the company develops technology to automate mortgage processes and creates an enhanced user experience to drive efficiencies and increase profitability for lender clients. Brumley’s deep understanding of the industry and his curiosity  and passion for mortgage technology have been the driving force behind Lender Toolkit’s outstanding success. The organization has doubled in size since Brumley founded the company seven years ago. Lender Toolkit now works with hundreds of lenders of all sizes — including many of the top 50 lenders in the country — representing more than $45 billion in loan volume.

During the past 12 months in particular, Brumley’s leadership has led to the creation of cutting-edge tools, including AI Underwriter and Prism, that automate mortgage processes, streamline operations and enhance user experiences far beyond competing solutions. Under his guidance, the company has also achieved significant milestones, including the formation of a strategic partnership with the industry’s top loan origination system. 

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

Maintaining a constant curiosity and openness to exploring emerging technologies and market trends. I’m constantly asking myself if there’s a better way to do things.


Brett Brumley


Founder and CEO

Company Name:

Lender Toolkit

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