2023 HW Vanguard: Brad Bonney

Brad Bonney

Brad Bonney is the vice president of operations at Opendoor. He is a steadfast leader and motivator who has spent his career building diverse teams, achieving operational excellence across multiple industries and empowering colleagues to reach their fullest potential. His leadership skills and operational expertise are a culmination of serving others. Bonney’s mission-oriented mentality drove him to the real estate industry with a desire to make home ownership easier and more certain for everyone, no matter their economic or geographic standings. While serving as a Navy Officer, Bonney adopted and grounded his leadership method through the tenet of “decentralized command,” which allows individuals the space to learn and grow in their roles and environment with minimal oversight. He encourages his managers to align on purpose and vision and then gives them the ability to create the strategies and tactics they need to succeed. Using data, communication feedback loops and flexible operating environments, Bonney empowers his teams to make decisions based on qualitative and quantitative information.

Today, Bonney implemented his decentralized command method with his global operations team of over 500 people. Led by Bonney, these teams orchestrated the overhaul of Opendoor’s assessment process, making it virtual instead of in-person which resulted in a significant reduction in cost structure for the business. Through clarity of purpose, clarity of outcomes and clarity of vision he held his teams accountable to deliver operational excellence. 

What has been your secret to success?
The phrase, “mission ahead of self” and being ready, willing and able to respond to situations and opportunities when they arise. My success comes from a volunteer mentality. I seek out problem areas and fill gaps in order to serve the greater good.


Brad Bonney


Vice President of Operations

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