2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Scott Falbo

Scott Falbo

Having brought his software development leadership to bear in other highly regulated industries such as government contracting, healthcare and legal, LenderLogix’s Scott Falbo has turned his attention to helping craft a suite of tools aimed at addressing the tech stack gaps that exist for mortgage lenders. As co-founder and chief technology officer, Falbo oversees the technology direction of the LenderLogix product suite to ensure the company’s offerings improve the customer experience, reduce operational expenses and enable better business outcomes for mortgage and real estate partnerships. His passion for agile methodologies, innovation and customer feedback has resulted in the creation of a product suite that truly helps solve direct and specific pain points that mortgage lenders encounter every day.

As one of the three co-founders of LenderLogix, Falbo fully bought into the company’s mission to help lenders address gaps in their existing tech stack that were preventing their organizations from delivering the agile digital mortgage experience borrowers crave. Leveraging his experience in developing software within other highly-regulated industries and direct lender feedback on existing pain points, Falbo architected the current LenderLogix product suite, which has enabled hundreds of lending organizations to quickly, easily and cost-effectively deliver a more cohesive and responsive digital experience.

Utility is at the heart of each new product the company develops under Falbo’s direction. With that in mind, Falbo’s team has led the charge on two recent tech initiatives for the company. The first was an enhancement to the company’s LiteSpeed POS platform to enable communication in Spanish. Falbo has also led development of the company’s latest innovation CRA Analytics, which offers lenders real-time dashboards and automatically identifies properties eligible for special purpose credit programs to track and measure the initiatives lenders take to reinvest in communities of need in support of the Community Reinvestment Act. Using custom dashboards informed by LOS data, CRA Analytics helps lenders track and monitor metrics that matter to ensure they stay compliant and provide their community with sound mortgage lending.


Scott Falbo


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

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