2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Nathan Charles

Nathan Charles

Nathan Charles serves as the managing director of Application Development and Support and co-head of the technology services team at Redwood Trust, where he has been a driving force in technological advancements for the past decade. His leadership has played a pivotal role in streamlining Redwood Trust’s tech platforms, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a competitive edge. Charles also contributes his industry and technological expertise to the Horizons initiative, Redwood Trust’s venture investment arm committed to spearheading innovation in the mortgage industry through cutting-edge technology solutions and firms.

Charles embodies the spirit of a true technology innovator at Redwood Trust. His commitment to embracing change and fostering an environment that challenges the norm has shaped the company’s technological landscape. Charles’s influence extends across various lines of business within Redwood’s operations. He has broad influence in the residential conduit space, impacting vendors throughout diverse segments of the secondary mortgage workflow.

His innovation includes delivering near real-time data to customers through user-friendly mobile applications and websites, empowering Redwood Trust to be invaluable partners by offering data-driven insights. Charles’s role goes beyond immediate operations to include assessing new technologies and startups and providing technical guidance to the RWT Horizons team.

Under Charles’s leadership, automation and workflow enhancements have significantly reduced delivery-to-fund timelines. His focus on data analytics and evidence-based decision-making has been transformative. Charles has also co-authored a white paper outlining the development of a mortgage blockchain ecosystem, showcasing his visionary thinking and expertise in leveraging emerging technologies.


Nathan Charles


Managing Director, Application Development and Support

Company Name:

Redwood Trust

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