2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Kevin Wilzbach

Kevin Wilzbach

Kevin Wilzbach is a leading digital technology evangelist in helping mortgage lenders adopt new technologies to automate, speed and enhance lending processes, enabling lenders to focus on delivering higher-value capabilities to their businesses and thereby better serving their end customers. His passion in advocating for the innovative benefits that digital technologies bring to the mortgage lending space have only accelerated in his time with Wolters Kluwer, helping drive significant innovation and business growth for the company and its lender customers.

Wilzbach is the director of product management for Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in compliance, software and technology solutions. In this role, Wilzbach oversees 10 professionals on the digital lending team and is responsible for overseeing the company’s eVault and eNote technology suite along with its award-winning suite of industry-leading digital mortgage solutions.

Wilzbach is a recognized expert in digital mortgage and eClosing technology. Over the past five years at Wolters Kluwer, he has been an evangelical thought leader at industry events and, as seen in published commentaries, has advocated for the industry’s increasing adoption of eNotes and eClosing technology and how digital solutions can help, not hinder, lenders and provide an enhanced customer experience.

He has been a catalyst in Wolters Kluwer’s continuing expansion of technology-driven solutions, such as digital and AI-driven solutions, many of which are helping lenders further automate manual processes, enhance workflows that improve lending processes and thereby advance lenders’ ability to better serve their customers. In its recent 2023 earnings announcement, Wolters Kluwer’s CEO noted that around 50% of the company’s digital revenues today are from products that leverage technology such as artificial intelligence and sees such technologies as another powerful tool to drive value for customers.


Kevin Wilzbach


Director of Product Management

Company Name:

Wolters Kluwer

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