2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Kevin Koon-Koon

Kevin Koon-Koon

Leveraging a distinctive blend of technical acumen and industry awareness, Kevin Koon-Koon has consistently met the evolving needs of the lending industry, embodying the qualities of a true Tech Trendsetter with the development of GridBase. As chief technology officer, Koon-Koon’s unique ability to foster a culture of innovation has empowered those around him to modernize and elevate their technological proficiencies.

Koon-Koon’s creation of GridBase stands out as an example of his professional excellence. The platform seamlessly bridges the gap between mortgage lending, title and escrow ecosystems, streamlining processes, reducing redundancies and enhancing overall efficiency. Koon-Koon facilitated efficient exchange and access to key functionalities such as fees, order management, instant title and agent validation through GridBase, fostering better communication and faster transaction cycles. Recognizing the need for real-time title checks and agent validation, Koon-Koon accelerated processes and mitigated potential risks. 

Koon-Koon’s client-centric approach has ensured that solutions were tailored to address specific client challenges, resulting in better outcomes and higher client satisfaction. GridBase, as a powerful tool, has empowered lenders and title clients to achieve greater operational efficiency in their communication. Real-time information exchange capabilities like Instant Title and Agent Validation provided by GridBase enable clients to make swift, informed decisions, reducing transaction cycles and potential risks. The integration of analytics capabilities into GridBase has allowed clients to derive actionable insights from their data, guiding them in making strategic decisions that drive performance and reduce the time to close a file.


Kevin Koon-Koon


Chief Technology Officer

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