2023 HW Tech Trendsetter: Darshana Shetty

Darshana Shetty

Over the past several years, Darshana Shetty, vice president of product, analytics and design for Truv, has made a major impact on the housing industry by helping lenders solve one of the most complex, time-consuming and frustrating aspects of originating loans — determining a borrower’s income. As the first product manager for Truv, Shetty leveraged her experiences at B2C payment services providers like Venmo and PayPal to help build a platform empowering banks, lenders and credit unions to verify all borrower income and employment into one platform. Thanks to Shetty, more than 70 lenders have been able to replace more costly, third-party income verification providers and manual income calculations with the Truv platform and reduce their closing times by two days or more.

Shetty is the chief architect of the Truv platform, an open enterprise finance technology that automatically and instantly verifies borrower-submitted payroll information in real time over 100 unique borrower income and employment data points. With coverage of 90% of the U.S. workforce, the Truv platform empowers lenders to verify all a borrower’s information in one platform far more quickly, affordably and accurately than any other technology.

In 2020, Truv Co-founder and CEO Kirill Klokov hired Shetty as a product advisor, and she set to work redesigning the look and feel of the platform and how it could be integrated into a lender’s workflow. Shetty not only helped build the platform, she also helped position it in the marketplace, determining who to sell it to and preparing the sales team to take it to market.

Today, Shetty builds all of Truv’s products and tests them with clients. Once Truv has validated them, they are handed off to a project manager on Shetty’s team and taken to market. In fact, while Shetty was the first person hired at Truv to oversee products, she didn’t have a staff. Today, she runs a lean team of 20 designers, data specialists and product managers who report to her. Together, they are building new technologies that have enabled lenders to increase their margins by $350 or more.


Darshana Shetty


VP of Product, Analytics and Design

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