2023 HW Marketing Leader: David King


When David King joined Homeowners Financial Group as the chief brand officer in late 2021, he took the company’s marketing from residential neighborhood speeds to Autobahn speeds in record time. Since then, the company has kept accelerating steadily as he continues to set new standards for the marketing department.

By focusing on the company’s differentiators and supporting its sales staff in their efforts to offer value to clients and partners, King has helped employees position themselves to enjoy the benefits that await on the other end of the current market downturn. King did all this in the wake of spearheading a complete brand refresh that shows the marketplace that Homeowners Financial Group is moving forward through some serious headwinds. King has perfected the approach of “doing less with more” by identifying, attracting and retaining top talent while keeping everything lean and nimble. As a leader, King excels at motivating the members of his team, leading by example and recognizing their accomplishments. King’s supportive nature as an executive leader is consistent with several of Homeowner’s core values, which are vital to the success of the organization.


David King


Chief Brand Officer

Company Name:

Homeowners Financial Group



3d rendering of a row of luxury townhouses along a street

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