2023 HW Insider: Iris Tredway


Iris Tredway is a propeller for growth at Dovenmuehle Mortgage, managing more than 150 employees as the vice president and manager of special loans and commercial servicing. She spearheaded the implementation of quality assurance programs and the automation of 200 steps in various processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and mitigated risks and operations. Tredway’s commitment to customer service is evident in her sustained 20-year client relationship in commercial services and proactive creation of a customer service call center.

With a 22-year tenure, Tredway has been instrumental in Dovenmuehle’s growth. With her powerful team, the success and achievements reached in the last year are difficult to boil down to a few paragraphs. To accommodate Dovenmuehle’s growing workload, Tredway successfully organized her department into five different units – HELOC, ARM, modification, special products and quality assurance units. This restructuring enhanced management oversight of each unit, leading to improved performance across the board, including quadruple growth in Dovenmuehle’s HELOC portfolio and triple the growth in loan modifications.


Iris Tredway


Vice President and Manager of Special Loans and Commercial Servicing

Company Name:

Dovenmuehle Mortgage

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