2023 HW Insider: Dana Gross


Dana Gross is an accomplished HR leader dedicated to optimizing workforce performance and driving innovative strategies that encourage employees to embrace challenges and pursue growth opportunities within the organization. Drawing from a proven history of implementing strategic talent acquisition, development and retention initiatives, Gross’s leadership has fostered a thriving, inclusive and high-performing culture that propels sustainable success.

Gross’s passion for training and development has created numerous growth opportunities. Through her implementation of comprehensive employee development programs, she has significantly enhanced the capabilities and engagement of the staff. Embracing a collaborative approach, Gross fosters a culture of learning from one another, actively identifying training needs and creating avenues for professional growth. Gross’s impactful initiatives extend beyond the confines of the organization. She spearheaded the Due Diligence Loan Analyst program, partnering with local colleges to bring fresh graduates into the mortgage industry. Gross paves the way for their advancement within consolidated analytics by providing them with the necessary training and education, nurturing a talented workforce that can ascend the ranks.


Dana Gross


Chief Administration Officer

Company Name:

Consolidated Analytics

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