2023 HW Insider: Aaron Kardell


As the Vice President of Product at Lone Wolf Technologies, Aaron Kardell has demonstrated a remarkable ability to drive innovation, optimize processes and create new opportunities within a larger organization.

Kardell was the former CEO of Homespotter, acquired by Lone Wolf in May 2021, and helped create its three products: Connect, Boost, and Spacio. Since then, these products have continued to grow and evolve, showcasing Kardell’s strategic vision and commitment to driving the company forward. In his current role, Kardell has brought a fresh perspective to the industry. He has successfully introduced new products and enhancements, demonstrating his ability to innovate and deliver value to real estate professionals. Kardell’s dedication to creating meaningful change within the industry is evident through his thought leadership and contributions in discussing entrepreneurialism and digital advertising ecosystem changes. Kardell’s ability to navigate and optimize within a larger organization has been commendable. He has successfully integrated HomeSpotter’s values into Lone Wolf Technologies, fostering a next-generation mindset and an open platform vision. By prioritizing collaboration, integration and positive change, Kardell is helping to create a new standard for technology in the industry.


Aaron Kardell


Vice President of Product

Company Name:

Lone Wolf Technologies

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